How to lose weight after pregnancy?

How to lose weight after pregnancy?

Childbirth – an amazing phenomenon in all its grandiosity can be an equally challenging experience for the mother, and getting rid of all the extra pounds after parturition is no piece of cake either. It’s quite natural for all new-moms to regain their old self but the trick is to know what weight loss techniques are healthy for the body, especially when you have the monumental responsibility of looking after the newborn. While you may be quite impressed that your favorite celebrity slipped into her pre-pregnancy jeans right after slipping from the labor room, you need to remember that what comes quick doesn’t last long.

 This article focuses on all the various ways that can be adopted by new-moms to lose weight after pregnancy. All you need is a couple of months’ hard work, a little willpower and a gradual approach to kick start your motivation.

Time is the essence:

Childbirth is quite a traumatic process for the body and it needs ample time to recover from such stress. Thus it’s mandatory to understand your physiology before setting any goals for weight loss. The ideal approach is to wait for at least six weeks before you cut down on your calories or resume high intensity workout.  


Nature has its own way of regulating the body dynamics and women who exclusively breastfeed their infants surprisingly lose tremendous weight in the first six months post-partum.

Healthy eating is the key:

Cutting down on calories and skipping meals is not going to help you in the long run. In fact, you should consume around five to six divided meals per day. Healthy snacking is an even better option to kick-start your metabolism and burn fat.

Look what you eat:

It’s high time that you absolutely cut down on beverages and carbonated drinks, limit your saturated fat intake and switch to healthy alternatives. Include lots of fiber in your diet and try consuming enough fluids to keep your appetite fulfilled. Switching from fried to baked good can also be very salutary.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Adequate water intake does ninety percent of the job of burning excessive fat.  

Super foods are your salvage:

Breastfeeding mothers need optimum calories to ensure adequate milk supply for the newborn. Opting for foods that are rich in nutrition and low in calories can help a great deal in attaining your goal weight. Seafood, for instance, is an excellent option that can be incorporated into your diet plan. Dairy products, fruits and vegetables are additional super foods that cut down fat proportion.  


Say no to crash diets:

All diet plans that focus on cutting down on certain foods and nutrients would only trick you into losing a few pounds rapidly, most of which would be regained once you switch to a regular dietary regime. Crash diets are equally devastating as they make you lose muscle mass instead of fat.

Sweat it all out:

The importance of a good workout plan cannot be stressed enough. The best way to shed extra pounds is to combine a healthy diet with regular exercises, even if it’s just a stroll in the park with your little one. This can be followed by aerobic exercises and strength training programs once you’re capable of enduring the pressure.  

Accept the reality:

Pregnancy is a phenomenal physiological change for your body, something that can have long-lasting effects on your physique. Even if you attain your pre-pregnancy weight, it’s quite normal if you’re unable to get back to a flat tummy and petite waistline. Absolute wisdom is to positively accept this change and try to alter what’s in your hands 


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