How to exercise according to your age?

How to exercise according to your age?

A regular workout regime may be the hardest pill to swallow but it’s the only magical potion for living a healthy and youthful life. Where about thirty percent of the Western population have fallen victim to morbid diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiac issues, a petty dose of intense workout is the only hope that can salvage such individuals from the effects of their malady.

However, the deal-breaker is the fact that a 50-year old body cannot be pushed through the same workout regime as a teenager. Although every kind of exercise brings you one step closer to a healthy physique however, some workouts yield maximum results when adopted at certain point in the life. Here you can learn from professional coaches on how to stay fit and feel proud of your body through all the decades of life!

Exercise in twenties

Once you’re in your twenties, it’s time to lace up your shoes and pump up your body. That’s because you’re at the peak of physical finesse and your cardiovascular system is able to endure high-intensity training. The best type of workout at this age would be cardio training along with insanity aerobic exercises. Your workout schedule should revolve around brisk walking, high-intensity interval training and cross-fit sessions that would help build up stamina, enhance muscle mass and improve heart health in the long run. Yoga and other relaxing regimes are also recommended by experts because individuals in this age group are often unable to cope with stress.

exercise in thirties

Once you enter your thirties, it’s time to realize that your metabolism might have slowed down and to keep burning fat, interval training is the best bet. It’s that time of your life when you should take up treadmill jogs, weight lifting and moderate cardio exercises to keep the fat burning. Boot camps and Pilates may be an excellent way to maintain the muscle mass that you’ve gained over the past decade. The ideal approach would be to go for a full body workout rather than targeting individual muscle groups.

 exercise in forties

A step into the forties is an alarm that you need to go slow. The main focus during this decade should be to keep yourself fit and active. Rather than focusing on the kind of workout, it’s time to stress over consistency. You may take up rowing or biking classes and even continue moderate cardio training along with weight lifting. Researchers have proved that individuals who are more active in their middle-age exhibit less signs of aging as compared to their non-active counterparts.

exercise in fifties

The fifth decade is that time of the life when maintaining bone density is the main aim. Fluctuating hormone levels at this age inclines your body to lose bone mass thus it’s quite imperative that you take up weight-bearing exercises to help those bones maintain their strength. Sports like tennis, hiking and dancing can be taken up to step up your entertainment game as well as keep you healthy at the same time.

exercise in sixties

The sixth decade of life is the time when individuals are more concerned over their mental health rather than the physical one. Well, here’s the best part! Explosive exercises release neurotransmitters in the nervous system that halt the brain’s aging process. Thus, strength training thrice a week is an excellent way to keep cognitive decline at bay. This can be combined with light activities such as walking and gardening to keep you involved in physical conditioning for the rest of the week.

exercise in seventies

What to do once you’ve hit your seventies? Still motivated to work out? Well, it’s finally time to relax, sip coffee and take up light household chores to keep that body working.


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